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E-Note is a single system for all the solutions you will need in the new financial structure of the digital world. Let’s get to know the E-Note system consisting of E-Note Wallet, E-Note Exchanger, E-Note PrePaid, E-Note Merchant, E-Note Check and E-Note Referral Pro:

E-Note Wallet:

E-Note Wallet is your personal online multiservice wallet inside the e-Note system. Now

you can: Control and operate your account as effectively as possible. User-friendly graphical interface allows you to convert electronic currencies quicker. Enter & withdraw funds into the e-currency you need without using a third-party services. Deposit your account with a fiat currency in more advantageous way. Convert it to any electronic currency presented in our system and use all the functionality of the service by now. E-Note Wallet is a first-choice service for the safety of your fiat assets. Log into your account and be able to transact secure transfers by online payment system. E-Note  System is adapted for worldwide e-commerce system. E-Note Wallet is an updated service for your personal financial management. Use the all benefits of

service from any electronic Internet-access devices. Complete the simple verification procedure and make any transfers within the E-Note System

without fees.

E-Note Exchanger:

E-Note Exchanger is an updated electronic online exchanger through the E-Note system. It stands out for its multitasking and fast way exchange electronic and crypto currencies represented in the service. Currently available for online exchange, enter & withdraw currencies: BTC, LTC, DSH, ZEC, XMR, ETH. We are always on the move, So the list of crypto currencies continues to renew and the networking with the banking sector flourishes. E-Note Exchanger service is the most appropriate exchanger because of its minimal service fee and operation agility.

E-Note PrePaid:

E-Note PrePaid is more than a plastic card! It is the simplest way of payment providing adaptability to streamlined manufacture, multitasking and data security. E-Note PrePaid makes it possible to conduct any banking operations by using your E-note account in the most appropriate way. In the short run will be available use of the prepaid card according to up-to-date safety requirements. The PrePaid card with microchip ensures the operations security. Consumer privacy, the data of debit card and account information will be secured from fraudsters.

E-Note Merchant:

E-Note Merchant is an update and effective solution for all the trading platforms in the worldwide “e-commerce” sector. With the E-Note R Merchant developed payment integrator you can receive

payments online immediately in any available currency and crypto currency after a simple verification procedure. In the short run payment systems “VISA” and “Master Card” will be available for transactions and trading. Internet trade companies will benefit the E-Note Merchant possibility of unlimited geography. Transactions and 24/7 payment ability. E-Note Merchant provides online acceptance of payments without any limits and returns. We present a unique offer for our crypto currency traders – the fee rate up to 0,5%. E-Note Merchant Enterprise Business Account Connects Free of charge with 0% System fees.

E-Note Check:

E-Note Check is a smart contract electronic bearer check for the exchange of funds between any

market participants with a minimal fees. Secure generation of E-Note Check allows you to transfer money by a digital check with a generated personal PIN. E-Note Check is available to both individuals and organizations.

E-Note Referral Pro:

In addition to a wide range of services, the E-Note service offers more benefits of passive income by attracting subscribers through the E-Note Referral Pro program. E-Note Referral Pro is a great opportunity to become a member in a beneficial referral program. You get up to 10% of the transaction fee of the subscribers you provide. Register in the E-Note service and generate your personal referral link. Share the referral link with a new user and invite him to join the service. Then you automatically get a percentage for each transaction of invited subscriber. Pass the verification stage on the website and generate extra revenues even now!

Why choose

We researched the market and competitors and highlighted strengths of the E-note system.

Easy and intuitive registration

No necessary KYC

Functional and intuitive control panel

Instant transfers between system members

Secure storage of your funds

We are not subject to any sanctions

We are not an exchange that can close, go bankrupt or disappear

Real live tech support

Active development and growing market coverage

Development of functionality for customer needs

Possibility to receive money anywhere in the world by SWIFT

Possibility to send money to your family and friends from under sanctions

Payments for goods to any suppliers in any country without restrictions on payment amount

Easy exchange of cryptocurrencies for rubles or US dollars without leaving home at the rates of the most popular exchanges.


It is not investment advice.


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